Alice Fazoolie’s – Entertainment district Toronto

Service – a bit too casual, as in, there were clearly some people that the servers knew, or staff even, sitting on the patio, and the servers were more interested in chatting than in, say, taking our order. Once we did get a server (I think they weren’T working in sections, it was a first-come, first-served type deal, which is another story), she was pretty friendly

Highlight: 6.50, 3-oz martinis. We had one each from the list of girly martinis, and then had a couple of real-man, put-some-hair-on-your-chest martinis. All for 6.50 each.

The patio is beautiful. you can access it through the restaurant, or direct off adelaide, it has a fountain, umbrellas and trees and the perfect mixture of shade and sun. We were there in the afternoon on a holiday monday so there were people there but it was by no means crowded

the food: great, thin-cust, whole wheat pizza. We had the margherita, a classic, and it was tasty
We also had the caprese which was DE-lish, but at 12$ a pop seemed a bit steep for 4 slices of cheese & 4 slices of tomato. I fully enjoyed it though and it’s sadly the going price for such a salad, and I can never resist the fresh basil & balsamic reduction.


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