The Courtyard – The market, Ottawa

I recently attended a wedding at the Courtyard in Ottawa. This is only my second time there, and the first was for a job interview. I was taught a wine class by the former chef, who now owns an amazing restaurant on Rochester st. I digress. I have very little experience of this restaurant.

They seem to do a lot of weddings at the Courtyard. When I say I attended, I have to admit that I arrived after dinner. I was originally invited to the wedding, and due to some complications and changes I ended up only coming after supper.

It is a bit awkward to arrive at a wedding after supper. I immediately found some people I knew and said hello to them: 2 guests, the bride, the bride’s mother, and the maid of honor (who happens to be my best friend & the bride’s sister).

It was a small wedding and not too many people were dancing, so we set about dancing to encourage others to follow suit. My bf gave me her drink and ran off to get herself another one (it was open bar). I actually was handed 2 drinks before I had to actually go the bar to fetch my own. I went. I waited. The bartenders were wiping glasses… finally I got a drink.

I went back to the dance floor and a few minutes later the bride came over and told me that the bartender had just asked her if I was crashing her wedding and should I be removed. Really? I clearly knew and was talking to people when I was at the bar, on the dance floor etc.

Anyways, this distressed me less than the fact that the older of the two bartenders was chewing gum in the most obnoxious fashion. Mouth open, jaw jutting, noisily chewing gum. Seriously? It was vulgar. The staff also made no attempt to helps the bride out on her big day once all was said and done. The food was alright although the little smoked salmon apps that were laid out on some sort of a cracker were a bit soggy.

the location is beautiful, and it was nice having the entire upstairs to ourselves, but I wouldn’t hold an event here. It seems almost like a franchise in the way the staff doesn’t seem to care at all. I think they’re too big for their own boots.

(613) 241-1516
ByWard Market/Lower Town
21 george st
Ottawa, ON

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