The Manx

I’m biased. I love the manx. It’s small, it’s hidden, it’s in the heart of Elgin, surrounded with clubs filled with skantily-dress girls and tanned men with white shoes and slick glossy hair. Then you take a few steps downstairs, and VOILA! calm, relaxed, cozy pub with great food and good tunes.

I’ve also heard a time or 2 that the manx has terrible service. They seem to do the free for all rather than sections. There is no pretentiousness, they ask you if you want a drink, and you tell them what you want. The menu is on card stock, and they serve a reduced late-night menu until, well late.

Usually when I’m at the Manx it is packed. You sit on a table and your table is actually touching that of your neighbour. When I say cozy I mean cozy.  Last night was different, it was monday and there were actualy *gasp* multiple tables available. I got a drink right away, my food came promptly. the naan pizza was simple, soft & delicious.

The service isn’t uber friendly but not cold either. the music was great. the beers came quickly. I have nothing to complain about, and I still love this place. I don’t love the hour wait to get a table at brunch, but I am willing to wait it, because it’s worth it.

I don’t know why it’s rated Ottawa’s number 1 best fine dining (on urban spoon), because it certainly isn’t what I would call fine dining, but the food is good, the bread is fresh, and the newly-renovated bathrooms sure do it for me.

370 Elgin St
Ottawa, ON K2P

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