Taylor’s Genuine Wine & Food Bar, Old Ottawa South

Had supper last night at the much anticipated new John Taylor resto in Old Ottawa South. I called for a reso around 430 for 2 people at 815. She said she would “probably have room at the bar” I love sitting at the bar, so that was fine, other than the “probably” part, which was questionable, but I took the reso and said the bar would be perfect.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a friendly hostess in what looked like the first few days of a new resto. She didn’t have anywhere to put her reso book except a chair and was awkwardly juggling her various bits and pieces. I’m sure they’ll work out these little things stat. She apologetically let me know that there was only room at the bar, and offered me a choice of spots. For a small resto, they have about 8 seats at the bar, which is great. I ended up sitting next to Walter Krepski (owner of the Mayflower & part owner of Excellent eateries group), who was obviously also out to check out the new place.

The hostess took the time to explain the various menus, and the bartender brought water in a short delay and did a great job of keeping it coming (I had just gone for a run). No one seemed to mind my slightly bedraggled look (did I mention I had just gone for a run, and it was raining?). I ordered a charcuterie plate and bottle of wine to start (and while I was waiting for my friend to join me). The charcuterie menu was quite extensive. you can choose your size (sm – $20, med – $30, lg – $40) and you can pick 4 items for your plate (regardless of size) the small plate was plenty for the two of us, and also came with fresh bread, an onion jam, and a beet & mustard chutney. I picked one charcuterie from each section (fish, meat, meat & cheese), but wished in the end I had gone double on the cheese part (what was I thinking) they have a great selection of patés and smoked meats and cured meats and some interesting cheeses.

The wine list is organized in Whites & Reds, Internationals & Locals, Glasses & bottles. They have a good selection of by the glass options (about 15), and the price rang tops out at 14$ for An Oakanagan Sangiovese. We went with a Crozes-Hemitage Syrah, which was beautiful, smooth and slightly peppery.

I must admit I was expecting a larger selection and perhaps a few more creative choices. Other than a California Malvasia, all the grapes were quite common. I did enjoy their approximately 50% local selection, although nothing inspired to order me so I ended up ordering old-world.

Once my friend arrived (just as the charcuterie plate was being set down), we set out to analyzing the menu. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do tend to make vegetarian selections, and I generally cook vegetarian, so I’m always on the lookout. Almost all the apps were veg, but none of the mains. The menu is short, 4 apps, 4 mains, and I assume they will be changing it frequently.

We ate and ate and ate, and were in good company with the kitchen and bartender both conversing (the cool thing about the bar here is that you can see much of the action happening in the grill section of the kitchen). The kitchen was well-humored and it was great to see everything going on around and behind the bar.

It’s obviously a new resto, with delivery of food descriptions etc not going as smoothly as I’m sure they will in a few days, but the service was excellent. Friendly and casual, and I look forward to seeing what will be appearing on the menu in the future.

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  1. Russell Barth Said:

    mad props to you guys for turfing those breeders and their loud brat.

    • Tom Said:

      Don’t think the “breeders” had a chance to get turfed, Russell – they were told not to come in the first place. The “brat” may or may not be loud (repeat, they didn’t get a chance to find out), but if you’re not a bar (and despite the name, they aren’t) you can’t close your door to kids. Should this wind up at the Human Rights Tribunal? No. Should Taylor’s have handled that situation differently? Absolutely. Acting within the law would be a good start.

  2. ray Said:

    I hear this establishment are picky who enters their restaurant. I wouldn’t go this place!! They do not accept kids of all ages.

    • Ralph Said:

      Finally a restaurant where those who would like to enjoy a quiet night out will not have to deal with strollers, screaming infants, misbehaving children and parents who have no sense of when it’s appropriate to bring children. I for one am fed up with dining out only to have the evening spoiled by entitled, self-righteous parents.

    • JC Said:

      ray, why would you want to bring your kids to a bar in a first place, have you no common sense at all? why not take them to a strip-club while you’re at it, and then complain they did not let them in?

      And kudos to the owners, we need a quiet place like this, i’ll be comming this Friday!

      • Contre Lescons Said:

        If they were licensed as a bar, they would be right not to let kids in. However, when licensed as a restaurant, you cannot discriminate based on age. Not all kids are screaming in restaurants and most parents would not stay if their kids were screaming non-stop. If you cannot live in a society where there are people of different age, cultural backgrounds and race, just stay home and order in! JC, you must be pretty ignorant to compare a bar to a stripclub…if it was socially unacceptable to bring a child to a pub, the law would prohibit it but it doesn’t up to 9pm (in Ontario). If you are unhappy with the law, complaint to the right jurisdiction about it or bring a private bill to change it; only then will we see what our democratic society wants.

  3. Bev Donaldson Said:

    Thank heavens we have a Wine & Food Bar that is not in competition with McDonald’s! What fun to have lunch or an evening out with friends and not have to outshout loud music [called entertainment] or young folk. We plan to become a regular at Taylor’s in Old Ottawa South [my birthplace]. Bev

  4. there are many wine bars in our area and i always visit them coz i love to drink *

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