Fraser Cafe, Rockcliffe

My friend & I eat out a lot. We work in restaurants and have both done various jobs, front & back of house. We’re friendly & laid back, but definitely notice things that are out of order.

We stopped at Fraser for brunch on Saturday around 1pm. The place was half-full, and we got a table along the more sunny side. There was a six on one side of us and a 4 a few tables down, both were eating.

We got service quite quickly, ordered some kirs and eggs. there are some interested offerings on the wine list, but it’S definetly priced for profit. I noticed that the Zahel Gruner is at 49$, and at ZenKitchen (where I had supper that evening), the exact same bottle was priced at 40$. I also noticed the Ironston obsession at around 45$, a bottle that runs for about 15 at the LCBO (when it’s available).

Personally, we had great, attentive and friendly service. But just after we arrived a single elderly gentleman came in for brunch. He sat at the table beside us, and was completely ignored. It was really odd. We were eating our breakfasts and he didn’t even have any water. It was a bit awkward to be sitting there enjoying our breakfast when he hadn’t been seen at all since he was seated (a fact we noted because the first excuse we came up with was that maybe no one noticed him, but someone had in fact brought him to his seat & given him menus).

Eventually our server noticed him & gave him some water and he let her know that he had been “completely neglected” (true) in a not unfriendly manner. The next thing we noted was that she didn’t even apologize but just said ‘oh dear’ a few times. His food & wine came out very quickly and I think for the most part the rest of his meal was agreeable but I felt really badly for him, and understand why some people make a fuss when they come into restaurants alone and feel ignored. Personally I try to be extra attentive to solo diners (unless they’re working).

The breakfast was delightful & would have tried a mimosa had I not already ordered a kir. The doughnuts were warm and delicious although the serving was huge, and between the 2 of us we still couldn’t finish the single order!

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