Standard, Elgin Street

The Standard fits quite nicely into the type of establishment that one finds on Elgin Street (see my post about the manx) and for that reason I never go there late from thursday-sat. But they do have good specials during the week (5$ mohitos in a rainbow of flavours on one day) and if you like that sort of thing, they have various DJ’s most nights.

But the only reason I go to the standard, is the breakfast. The eggs are fresh, the mimosa’s run freely, and quarts of beer are advertised on the brunch menu. They only do brunch on weekends and you never have a hard time getting a table. The kitchen isn’t the fastest but who’s complaining with a lychee mimosa in front of them? Not Me.

Most breakfast plates come with salad (mixed greens) and there is a nice mix of dishes. The servers never look too excited to be slinging eggs and I don’t blame them because I’m sure the money pales in comparison to the drunk patrons of the nights, but the advantage for them is that they can actually walk between tables without rubbing by drunk sweaty types.

I have to admit the salad was a bit pathetic this week (mostly romaine) but I’ve never had that problem in the past and hopefully it was just an off day. Forgot my keys & sunglasses but when I went back they had them at the bar waiting for me.

Standard Tavern on Urbanspoon


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