Allium, Hintonburg

great service @ Allium!

I’ve been meaning to visit Allium for ages & ages. I’m actually quite ashamed to say I’ve never been there, but there it is.

We were greated at the door by a lovely gentleman who loves the 5-dolla words. He offered us a lovely table by the window in a corner, and just asked that we wait one moment while he wiped & reset it. The restaurant was mostly empty but he has obviously experienced people asking for that table even if the other tables are waiting to be sat.

They have a really great menu setup. While I assume the menu itself changes frequently, they have wine pairing in the wine menu to match everything that is on the food menu. I assume there is somewhat of a “formula” to the food menu, so they have offered a wine pairing to go with all the fishes that they offer. The obvious flaw to this is that fish can have a fairly bland bouquet, and at times, as with chicken, the pairing needs to go more with the sauce and the sides than it does with the actual fish. At any rate the pairing seems very reasonable regardless of the sauces and sides, and also seemed offerings that were by the glass.

Wine prices were fairly even. They are offering a Zahel Gruner Veltliner from Austria at 45$ a bottle, which is the same price as at ZenKitchen, and much lower than the same bottle at Fraser (sorry to continually use this bottle as an example but it’s hard to remember all the prices of all the wines at all the different restaurants so I just go with the ones I notice & remember).

We both went for Kichesippi beer, which paired fabulously with everything we had (scallops, bc salmon & the soup). Finished off our meal with the banoffee pie, which is a must if it’s your first time, although I would recommend sharing it as it’s pretty heavy, not as sickly-sweet as some of the desserts at the Wellington, but with a lovely light chantilly whipped cream. (side note: “Chantilly” can be used as a noun, as in the town in N. France;  or an adjective, as in “chantilly cream” – whipped and sweetened)

as for our 5-dolla word server, he informed me that the restrooms were “up the stairs, through the door at the back, down the stairs and ultimately at the end of the hallway. Needless to say the resto is not  accessible, but the washrooms were well appointed and very clean.

Great food, great service

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  1. Paul Said:

    I just came across this posting and wanted to thank you for including our Kichesippi Natural Blonde in your post.

    We pride ourselves in offering a food friendly beer and were happy to read that it paired so well for you.

    Thank you

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