Trio, Westboro

I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again. What is with group service?

I’m all for being a team, and I get that servers sometimes don’t really help each other out because it isn’t making them any money, but in my experience group service doesn’t work that well either. I mean why you would even bother doing anything if you’re going to split the tips at the end of the night anyways? It goes both ways.

We had a great time at Trio, sat on the patio, had the little-bit-of-everything platter (great for sharing) and a half litre of Gruner. It was the perfect day for it and the service was friendly and prompt. AH you thought I was going to complain about it didn’t you? you’re right, one little grievance, here it is: Server 1 came out and asked us if she could get anything else, we said no, just the bill, she offered to split it down the middle. Server 2 came out after, she asked if we were ok, and we said yes, we’d just grab the bill (hard to explain the nuance on language especially when telling the story from another angle), anyways we meant it as in ‘it’s on the way” but she took it as if to go get it, so there was some confusion inside when they were both printing the bill, but they talked about it, and they realized that they were both on a mission to get us the same thing (the bill) and server 2 came out and said something about how we had asked both of them for it…

Well, if they talked about it, why didn’t the bill come out split in 2 like the first girl said it would? We never really asked the second girl for it.

Good service but I am meh on the group service. Great place for drinks though

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  1. Jimmy Page Said:

    So you don’t like places where they pool tips because when you ask for the bill twice then 2 people will get you the bill?

    I suppose that’s something worth writing about. Maybe less people will go to Trio Lounge and it will cost them some business. That’ll teach ’em; I’m sure that’s what they deserve.

    Good work.

    • Ready Said:

      actually, I don’t like it when I ask for the bill once, and tell the other server that I’ve asked for the bill, when they act like it’s our fault, when really they are the ones being inefficient by doing everything twice (if there is time) and not at all (if there isn’t time) because they aren’t communicating with each other so the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

  2. I too am not a fan of group service. One reason I totally avoid Baton Rouge now. It is absolutely distracting for me. I much prefer the idea of ‘falling in love with one person for 1 1/2 hours’. There is way more relationship and therefore better service. Not every customer is a like in what they are looking for in a dining out experience. One server has more of a hope of finding out if they have you exclusively for the time you are there. IMHO.

    • Ready Said:

      “absolutely distracting” is exactly what it is. thanks!

  3. Ms Write Said:

    I avoid Baton Rouge for the same reasons I avoid any and all restos with more than one or two locations (East Side Mario’s, The Keg, Moxie’s, McDonald’s et al). You too should know better; you’re a food blogger! However, the fact that you don’t know does explain a lot.

    Food blogging—It’s a tough racket. I mean, if you’re a food blogger you’ve got it plenty tough. People don’t respect your opinion. It’s likely because 98% of all people who critique/complain/bash (especially online for whatever reason) have no idea of what they’re talking about. It’s true, you know it is.

    And as for you, Ready, there’s a certain code between servers that you are obviously oblivious to. Now, I haven’t looked at the code for a few years but I’m pretty certain that bitching/nit-picking online to stroke your own ego (read:blogging) is off-limits even if it hasn’t yet been added to the book. Have some decorum. If you want to continue with your all-important quest I suggest a switch of vocation. I hear Milestones is looking for a few dozen floor managers.

    It’s not my intention to be mean but I’m so sick of this. I truly believe that you’re not adding anything positive to anyone’s experience. Just stop.

    • Ready Said:

      Like I mentioned, I like Trio, that’s why I go there. Like the title mentions, I’m a service blogger, not a food blogger. And as such I’m blogging about the service at trio, and how I just don’t like group service, and I’m not the only one. Trio is the only location, although the same owners also have the mood room, which is just as good but has the same issues.

      As for a servers code, I’m a server and sommelier and have been in the industry for ten years, so yeah I think I do know it.

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