Oh…Rogers…(a rant)

I was with Rogers from about 2003 until 2009. I also had cable with rogers since about then. I had a “bundle” and a “communicate pack” My bill was about 80$ a month, before internet.

I hate talking on the phone. I hate listening to voice mail. I hate it when I listen to your voice mail, and I call you back as requested, and then you tell me everything again. It goes like this

“Did you get my voice mail?”
“So like I said…(insert entire contents of voice mail)”
“yeah, I know, I got the voice mail”

Talk about a waste of time.

So I decided to go pay as you go so I would have an excuse to never talk to people on the phone, and it seems to be working. All my friends know better than the phone me, they send me txts (I have a package), and at the end of the month I only pay about 15$ (10 for txt messageing and 5 for the random calls I actually take). I get voicemail (3 msgs) and caller ID for free. That is all I need and I love it. When I need to call service people and tell them they are being idiots I do it from work.

This is doubly helpful because the people in my office know not to piss me off because they have heard my wrath.

So anyways I’m enjoying my life on telus a lot, although I can’t send messages in the elevator like I used to do over at rogers. That’s ok though because the elevator in my office building is high-speed (like the rogers internet I am scamming from my neighbor at home)

Rogers keeps sending me these cards that say “we miss you”…no they don’t they miss my money. I can guarantee this. And this is why

1. The last five times I called rogers were all for the same reason: they screwed up. Instead of splitting my internet and putting my ex-roomates name on that part of the account, they put his name on BOTH parts so that I couldn’t access my cell phone account. But somehow they managed to set it up so that I was still responsible for paying the bill!!

I had to call them FIVE Times to correct this problem, and each time they ASSURED me it was fixed. The fifth and final time I also let them know I was done with them and would be moving to Telus and no I couldn’t be convinced otherwise. (I took my number with me)

2. The last time Rogers called me it was because they had a promotion and wanted to give me a free grocery card ($10) for being such a great customer. It happened that the fire alarm was going off in my building at the time so I had some time to kill. I said that was great and I was interested. Then he went through the steps and told me actually, I wasn’t eligible because it was for cable customers and I’m not a cable customer. THEN WHY DID YOU CALL ME? I asked, and he said the records were mixed up and it was a mistake. I told him that I wanted the gift card anyways, since I am a rogers customer and he had wasted my time. He told me that I wasn’t eligible for the promotion. I told him I wanted to talk to his boss.

So I talked to his boss, and then I talked to her boss. I also mentioned my little issue with the name mix-up on my account. Then I ended up at the ‘office of the president” and they STILL wouldn’t give me the ten dollar gift card (the fire alarm in my building was still going off and I was still being paid so I pressed on). So I asked to talk to HER boss and she told me that there was no one else for me to talk to because I was already at “the office of the president”

so I said “oh, you don’t have a boss. So you must own Rogers. So you can make this happen”

We were both pretty irritated by this moment and at one point she cut me off and threatened to hang up on me for being rude!!! And so I listened to her go on and on, and then I said “Now you listen. I listened to you so now it is my turn and you’re going to listen to me” and I told her my side of the story, about their @#$-ups, and how they had called me, at work, to offer me a promotion that I wasn’t eligible for, and that since it was their mistake (and not the first mistake) that they should still give me the promo.

Finally, she said, once again, that I was not eligible for the promo, but that she would put a 20$ credit on my account for the trouble. This took me about an hour and a half (during which time I was being paid) and during that whole time Rogers was paying for their employees to be harassed by yours truly. And then she doubled the amount of the promo that I wasn’t eligible for.

Now tell me…do they really miss me?

Update: Rogers mailed ma 150$ check for “savings I missed” because of bundles etc. I think they want me to be excited and maybe not hate them, but really I just think they over charged me and I hate them more.

Also, because of the elevator thing, I decided that I would try and switch back to Rogers IF they would match my Telus prepaid plan and they wouldn’t. Phone companies don’t care about prepaid clients because we don’t waster our money on a plan


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