The Beauty Bar

The beauty bar was busy on the weeknight-w-free comedy. A girl worked tirelessly giving $20 manicures under a piercing light.

At the bar, we sat, and contemplated putting our name on the list for a mani. We sat and waited and waiting some more. the place was busy! When we were served, the bartender took our order and asked for ID (something we had to get used to again in New York where not only is the drinking age higher, but were were drinking more, and at busier establishments)

After checking our ID he said “I knew you were from Ontario. Your accent plus you were way too polite after ordering, considering how long you waited.” I guess that’s a new york apology. forgiven. turns out he was from Ottawa!

The free comedy-comedian didn’t show, we finished our drinks and skedaddled off to another comedy show at a gay bar, where the comedian hadn’t shown either, but they had bothered to get a backup.

Beauty Bar on Urbanspoon


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