D’Arcy Mcgees (Sparks)

In downtown Ottawa pubs are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere. they have the same menu, the same fries, the same prices, the same beers on tap. They are boring.

This is why my colleague and I make the walk to sparks and Elgin, past all the boring pubs, to eat at D’Arcy’s, where the Mia knows my drink and my name.

The prices are the same, but everything else is a cut above. They have interesting beers on tap. Not just Beaus (which every pub in town has) but Kichesippi – yes, they have beer that actually has flavor! for the same 10$ I could spend on a crappy wrap at the crappy oak with crappy fries, I can get a chicken tikki masala boxty, or fish & mashed, or shep’s pie.

the place is always jammed, but it’s huge. we always sit at the bar because it’s faster, you save time because you can skip the hostess line, and because the beer taps are right there. convenient for everyone.

The other thing that I really really like at d’arcy’s is that their veggies aren’t overcooked. they’re buttery and crunchy. and their salad is made with mixed greens. none of this iceberg B/S, if I wanted a glass of water I would order one.

D'Arcy McGees on Urbanspoon


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