“Guidance” Counsellors

When I was in highschool I wanted to go to college. I took all the U level courses (OAC’s in the day) but really thought I would be best in college. My guidance counselor, who had sat patiently and talked me through more than my share of crying sessions, advised me that I should go to University. “College is for people who do the work. University is for the people who are in charge” I went for Management, possibly accounting, and I hated it. Management is for jerks is what I learnt in my intro to management course.

I switched to Arts, and then translation. By the time I figured out what translation was all about I was in third year and waist-deep in student politics. I didn’t really want to do translation but I didn’t really want to switch again, and to what?

I finished University (BA Translation AND BA Arts) and I got a job at a translation company. It was like a factory farm for translators. I eventually got a new job working as a consultant, doing translation and a myriad of other things. I like the variety my job offers but I can’t say I like it.

As soon as I got my first job out of university I signed up for Wine courses at the community college. I did one, then another, then another until three years later I emerged a Sommelier. The idea was that if I stayed in school, then once I figured out what I really wanted to do it would be easier to “go back” to school. But, I still don’t know what I want. I signed up for an accounting course. I liked it, and I excelled, I signed up for another one, and then I applied to a full-time professional accounting course.

It seems, I have come full circle.

Now I am at a crossroads. Do I quit my job, which I don’t like, and go to school full-time, only to potentially find that I don’t like accounting that much either?

Where is my guidance counselor now, and if he was here would I be able to explain why university maybe wasn’t right for me in the first place?

Was it just his agenda to get as many students into University as possible that caused him to encourage me to apply to University, and not even bother applying to college?


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