Charles is at Canvas, Hintonburg

This little spot (former home of Absinthe, then Allium I believe) on the corner of Holland and spencer, just a hop skip and a jump from Tunney’s is a fun location. It’s cozy, has lots of window seats (not drafty) and a good sized bar. Generally, you can get in without a res, but don’t show up on Friday night at 7 and say I said so. And if you do, be willing to sit at the bar. That’s where the show is anyways.

I’ve been to canvas a handful of times. It’s in my beloved hood and is one of the closest nice restaurants to our place (although now that has been beat for location by Tennessee Willems)

What is great about this place is the service. None of that ‘I don’t really care’ or ‘I’ve been serving too long and am bitter’ these guys put on the real show.

I can’t do it justice in words, but both Charles and the other guy (sorry guy) are just hilarious.

Charles somehow managed to insert “and yes it does have your daily dose of Vitamin B12” into his speech about the desserts. Yes, the desserts! And the other guy has these great lines like “Are we sad the wine is all gone?” or “The empty beer light just went off, is everything ok?” (with an alarmed look on his face). Always good for a laugh.

So, on this note, what the heck is with the SIG awards? They call them Service awards, but if you take a look at them, it’s just a popularity contest for those that work in the market. Get a life. Best server award should go to these two at Canvas!

Canvas Resto-Bar on Urbanspoon


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