La Crema Canela, Barcelona, Spain

This place is a total Jem in the middle of tourist hell-town, AKA la Ramble. You probably can’t avoid going to la ramble while you are in Barcelona. It seems to be the heart of tourist town and you can’t get away from the crowds. All the places are overpriced and not terribly good.

This place had really great food. We were staying at a hostel just on the other side of la Ramble from here and we ate here at least once a day, and on one occasion twice. Their lunch is especially good, for only ten euro you get a three course meal (app, main and desert) with a glass of wine included.

the supper choices are not a cheap but the food is all very good and very fresh. This is not a typical “catalunian” restaurant, rather more of a mediterranean-style place but given it’s convienient location it is a really great choice. They have a great patio, which actually extends to the other side of the walkway and there is lots of great people watching.

Typical in europe, the service is not exceptional or overly friendly (with some exceptions) but the service are cute – you can’t have everything!!


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