The Burg is Blowing up!

The ‘burg is blowing up!!

After last months opening of Alphasoul cafe, and the long-awaited/dreaded/etc opening of Bridgehead, this week two new restos opened on Wellington in the hood.

Back Lane Cafe (beside GT – see review below)
and Burnt Butter (Beside KFC) (review coming soon)

Other big moves:

York Street Entertainment is apparently opening a restaurant where Cozy’s was. A bar? A wanna-be high-end restaurant? Not sure the burg is ready but I’m obviously biased.

Ben Baird (of the Urban Pear)’s wife is apparently also opening something in the hood. Not sure what the story is here (collaboration? Retaliation?) but I’m excited (for the food)

Also of note: KFC is no longer. the neighborhood chains are closing and the franchise seems to be sticking to mall locations. This would be an amazing spot for a licensed patio (I’m imagining Ronnie’s Local in Kensington) but I think it would be a hard sell for winter since there’s no seating space. My ideal would be if the Hintonburger moved in, in further collaboration with the Elmdale – Amazing?! YES, like the Grilled-Cheese – Ronnie’s collaboration:


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