Bao Sushi, New Westminster, BC

No one seems to be a big fan of New West. Most people wonder why I wouldn’t want to stay in Van and take the sky train into New West for work. The reason is that I hate commuting. I would rather be close to work and have to commute dt IF I decide to go there. I don’t want to HAVE to commute. So I chose to stay in New West, around the corner from the regional office.

This Sushi place was really good. It’s not a fancy sushi place but the rolls were fresh and tight, and the wakame salad was SO good (so good that was each had one to start, and then we had another one each afterwards).

Very friendly service, and it wasn’t too busy. There is a Ki Sushi place down the street but it’s owned by Chinese people and seems a bit too much like a chain operation. This place seemed more authentic, I recommend it.

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