Union Local 613, Somerset W

I’ve had the pleasure of eating/drinking/enjoying Union Local 613 four times since they’ve opened. The service here is amazing. Super friendly staff.

– an amazing wall covering
– views of the kitchen
– really good selection for late-night food, including entrees and fried chicken, and the menu changes
– deviled eggs (also available late-night)
– the swine (changes every day!)
– mason jar water glasses AND pints
– menu always changing (I know every restaurant says that but they actually seem to change it a lot)

Check out their menu online or better yet make a reservation and show up.

We went in for drinks at the very beginning, and they have a good selection on tap as well as wine. I look forward to when they open the speakeasy in the basement. rumor has it you will only be able to get one beer, one wine or whiskey! excellent!

For vegetarians they have a creative, and gluten-free option, as well as several salads.

The theme is a Canadian take on southern food but this place has something for everything.

Union Local 613 on Urbanspoon

315 Somerset St W
Ottawa, ON K2P


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