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TD Canada Trust

Feb 9
I stopped by Branch 3344 on Wellington at Holland in Ottawa yesterday evening regarding some mail that I have been receiving and returning to sender for over a year and a half. The teller indicated that there was nothing that she could do about it because she can’t change the account.

She told me to contact Canada post. I told her I have been returning it to sender, which is TD, for over a year already. She said that’s all I can do. I asked her what the point of returning it to sender if neither TD nor Canada Post will do anything about it. Why wouldn’t I just throw it in the garbage. She said because that is illegal.

I called Canada post and they informed me that they are obligated to send the mail if it has my address on it, that I should contact TD…

So I called TD this morning (Feb 10) and the gentleman I talked to told me that it was no problem, that he would put a note on the account. It took all of 2 minutes.

Why was this teller so rude and why did she tell me false information when she didn’t even know the process or the answer?

Why has TD not taken steps to put a note on his account before this moment, when I have been returning the mail to sender for over an year?

This is regarding the account of

Brian A Crook
Do you know him? TD is looking for him.

I sent TD an email this morning. I wonder if they’ll ever get back to me. I didn’t bother emailing Canada Post, last time I did that (over a year ago) I never got a reply, but TD has
a commitment to keep:

Confirmation number: XXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your e-mail. We will be addressing your inquiries and will respond to you shortly.

I’m also returning another letter to them, with a note:

Update: Feb 14

TD emailed me back with a lengthly response. Nothing about how their teller was rude and unhelpful. They suggested I go to a TD Branch and ask at customer service to speak to a branch manager. They specifically suggested “not speaking with a teller.” (I wonder if that is because of the lack of common sense and or training of their tellers?)

They completely contradicted what I was told on the phone, basically saying that even if there is a note on his file, nothing will change until he contacts them. great.

I did exactly as directed and the lady at customer service asked why I wanted to speak to a branch manager. I gave her a summary of my adventures and she said she would fix it (heard that before).

Then she OPENED his mail! Then she CHANGED his address!! All things that I was specifically told could not happen

So I took the liberty to look at his mail and it turns out that all this is over a mere 14$! and that the account is closed! Brian Crook probably doesn’t even know that he owes TD that money. It’s probably all interest anyways.

Now I just have to wait and see if anything will actually change.