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Jean Alberts – Chinatown

Friendly staff, a great small-family atmosphere. Perhaps a little too casual, with the family eating at one of the tables, and the little tot running around, but comfortable. The upstairs is cool.

The food was a bit plain, perhaps this is the style but I suggest getting on of their sauces, as well as picking an extra side to go with the one that most plates go with.

I think most of the negative reviews on the place are from people who only went once and who didn’t really know what to expect or what to do. Sometimes it’s hard to eat at new restos. I for one plan on going again, for supper or for drinks in their upstairs lounge (I came for a casual lunch this time)

the server was friendly but I think we should have asked more questions about what was going on, or for some extra advice.

(613) 569-5326
495 Somerset St W
Ottawa, ON

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