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My favorites in Hintonburg

As you well know, the burg is blowing up, and I’m super excited to say you can now really get whatever you need right in the hood.

Here are some of my fav’s

Pint: Elmdale (I’d grab a kichesippi) (1084 Wellington) – Great music, friendly staff

Elmdale House Tavern on Urbanspoon

Pizza: Back Lane Cafe (thought I would say Tennessee’s didn’t you) (1087 Wellington)

Back Lane Cafe on Urbanspoon

Coffee: Le Michel-Ange Café (35 Laurel) – They roast their own beans, pick some up!

Le Michel-Ange, Café-Warehouse-Roasting on Urbanspoon

Cupcake: Isobel’s (1018 Wellinton) – We visit weekly for a sweet treat, but make sure you don’t always go on the same day, they have new flavours on Thurs – Sundays)

Isobel & Co. on Urbanspoon

Take out: Hintonburger (soon moving next to Elmdale)

Hintonburger on Urbanspoon

Hangout: Rosemount Library (18 Rosemount)

and what I’m looking forward to:

Hintonburg Public House – Opening Tomorrow! (1020 Wellington) (interesting that they have an 80% like it and they haven’t even opened yet haha)

The Hintonburg Public House on Urbanspoon

10Fourteen (1014 Wellington) Opening “in November” according to the sign – when do restaurants ever open on time? Never.

Hintonburger – at KFC!