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Hintonburger @ the Elmdale

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed the Elmdale. It’s the cornerstone of Hintonburg, a real watering hole and one of the only “Taverns” left in Ottawa. What’s the difference you say? Well, from what I understand it just means they can sell alcohol but don’t have to have food. Yet they do: pickled onions and chips.

and now: Hintonburgers!! Amazing!! You can order a Hintonburger and it will be delivered to your table at the Elmdale from down the street every half hour! Now that is what I call SERVICE. Not to mention Sharing (and we all know that Sharing is caring right?)

So have a Hintonburger, have a Kichesippi, and enjoy some local talent (Local Ivan is playing next Friday). Now THAT is what I call a true Ottawan experience

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