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Jojo, upper east side, NYC

at Jojo (a restaurant of Jean-Georges) they had a magnificent three course lunch special. I think it was 25$ for three courses. We were on vacation so we added on cocktails, wine and capps.

Memorable facts: our server hissed at the back server, as they were both at our table “She doesn’t want ice!” I said, “no worries it’s all good” But she removed and replaced the offending glass promptly. excellent.

Between courses our server used some sort of comb thing & a side plate to remove all the crumbs off the table. ┬áIt was done swiftly and while she talked about desert. I’m always feeling like if I wipe the table between courses I make people look like slobs. But if they are slobs and you clear all the plates and there is food left on the table it’s all the more evident. This worked well as the place had table cloths, but if someone really was a slob, the stains would still be sitting there for everyone to see. dilemma.

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Wall & Water, Financial district, NYC

Excellent Brunch & Service

W&W is located on the 3rd floor of a new hotel on wall street. It was difficult to find as it’s not right at the corner of W&W streets, so we had to visit starbucks to use the free internet & get the exact location. thank goodness for the good old ipod touch

Once in the hotel, we walked up some large marble staircases and were greeted by two men in suits (!) and brought to our table.

Brunch consists of a cold buffet, although I’m loath to use a word with such bad connotations. It was piled high with smoked salmon, various artisan cheeses, berries & poached fruit as well as fresh juice cocktails & non-alcoholic bubbly. Cobblers, creme anglais, caramel sauce, etc…naughty.

You can either just eat off the serve yourself bar, or you can order a hot plate, which also includes the bar. We got a great bottle of Dry Rhone Rose, a bit apparently to the servers surprise (we had been up since 8 & it was noon) but many people seemed to be coming straight down from the hotel at that time, and I ordered the cold bar, while my dining partner had two of their “cast irons” (small egg dishes served in mini cast iron pans).

Really excellent service, plates cleared promptly, new cutlery always appearing (freshly polished) and never lacking any water refills.

Highly recommend this place for brunch before or after checking out the brooklyn bridge / ellis island etc.

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Fig & Olive, Meatpacking, NYC

A very nice, well-appointed open & airy space. We arrived a bit early but were seated immediatly in the vast (and as yet empty) dining hall. This place would be great for a large group.

We were started off with an olive oil tasting, which consisted of three olive oils (all approx the same colour) served with large slices of bread. the server indicated where the oils were from and what aromas we could expect to see in them. This was quite interesting and all the oils had quite distinct characteristics.

The only odd thing about the service was that no quality checks were perfomed at all. I’m not sure if maybe it was jsut because we didn’t finish any of our food, not because it wasn’t good but just because we weren’t feeling as hungry as we had thought we were

Fig & Olive was participating in NYC Restaurant week (which was extended until september, much more than a week) and offered a 28$ 3-course lunch. We each had the tartar, which I enjoyed but my dining partner was less than enthusiastic about. It didn’t have too much of notable. We then continued to a lamb kebob (excellent) with a millet type pilaf (mediocre) and for myself a “caramelized” cod fillet with fresh veggies. The veggies were great but the fish was indistinguishable, as cod tends to be but I had thought that the caramelized part would save it.

Dessert was excellent, fresh shortbread “biscotti” with fresh strawberries & cream, and for myself a dark chocolate panna cotta type desert.

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