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Mint Canada & PC Financial

Mint is a free service on the web, which will pull all your financial information into one place. Before you start to cringe about all your personal information, read this:

Globe & Mail – helps you stay on track, but at what risk?

This service was, until recently, only available to our friends to the south, but rolled out in Canada in November. However, despite the Canadian roll-out many accounts are still not working. Luckly Mint seems to have their people on this, and employees are active on the service board (unlike the one for Nike + but I’ll get to that later)

So far, 4 of my banks are available on Mint. Of those I’ve only successfully managed to login to 2 of them. Of those 2 , only half of my accounts show up.

What I find funny is that my Canadian banks seem to work (PC worked on the first try) but my American banks don’t work (Fidelity, MBNA). Ally has started working for Ally Canada, but I haven’t actually been able to login to it or to TD. This could all be chalked up to the user and not the software, however I have no problem logging in directly with my banks.

For now, I’m still giving Mint an A because it’s free, I feel safe, and it is SO much easier to use (once you have gotten your accounts setup, which doesn’t seem to be that easy), and because I am getting regular updates from their team regarding the accounts that are still not up and out.

keep up the good work!

Update: As suspected, Mint is on this. They are now pulling in ALL my accounts so I see the balances on But guess what? The accouts are listed as “Cash” accounts, not investments. Fail. We’ve alerted Mint about this and hopefully it will be fixed soon