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Taco Lot, Hintonburg

Part of the hintonburg hipster trifecta along with Hintonburger and Suzy Q, the Taco lot just opened. it’s sitting on an old car lot (or perhaps a current car lot, there are still some cars for sale.

It’s a bit cold this weekend to sit in the outdoor seating, but the taco lot was still hopping today and yesterday.

The menu is simple. Today it was “Vegetarian, Salmon. ready at noon” When it was my turn to order I added “beef” to that list by request of the cashier, a sweet hippie girl.

The Taco Lot is the current talk of ottawa’s Foodie World, and they are doing well as a result. The wait is a bit long when you’re by yourself and it’s cold out but I’m sure they’ll catch up to the demand in a week or two once they’ve settled in their routine.

The corn & pineapple salsa is awesome and all the ingredients just taste fresh. It reminds me of my days in highschool working at a taco stand after bar hour.

Welcome to Hintonburg!
995 Wellington West

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