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Play Food & Wine, Byward Market

I haven’t been to play for a couple of years so I was excited to check it out. I love the wine wall immediately when you come in and they have a really solid system for coats (basically a coat check where you get a number).

I always find the service there friendly, and there dishes are always on point. We started with almost all the cheeses and the spicy chorizo, which isn’t that spicy (and I’m someone that doesn’t like any spice), but the mustard it’s served with is HOT. The menu is meat heavy but like at Beckta if you give them some advance notice they will hook you up.

Each plate has a suggested wine pairing, which I assume is available by the glass (though I didn’t check). If you’re ever there late at night be sure to grab their wine and cheese flight – it’s a cool way to try a few cheeses and wines (although this is a classic pairing, it’s actually a bit of a complicated one so It’s fun to see what they come up with).

Everything we had was really well balanced with great plating. My only complaint (of course there is something) is that the server couldn’t pronounce Auxerrois for his life. I know it’s not the easiest word in the world, but we live in Ottawa, where everyone SHOULD speak at least a little bit of French, and not being able to pronounce French words is a bit shameful, especially as that wine was being served by the glass, so it’s not like some obscure 200$ bottle that no one orders – it’s the first wines on the list. I also think that if you can’t pronounce a word, you should avoid saying it, especially if someone else said it first correctly (not me, someone I was with). So basically it seemed as if he was correcting the guy only he pronounced it EX-er-waw. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

Great meal & service. Try the pudding.

1 York Street (at Sussex)
Byward Market
(613) 667-9207

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Hintonburg Public House

Super excited to try out HPH last night, on their second night opening.

I love the decor, the aged wood is beautiful and they picked amazing photos to match it. I don’t think the photos are a permanent display but they’re wicked and really fit in well with the place.

There didn’t seem to be any music, and as somoene else noted the acoustics are not great. This is not a great place to bring mom & pops.

They have a massive bar area, with all mismatched chairs and stools (we were sitting along the wall on what must have been an old church pew. I can’t say enough good things about the space, it’s really well put together, I love it – come decorate my house!

The menu is short, but seems to have it’s bases covered. I’m going to bring in a vegan friend for more of a challenge next time. Everything we had was great, and although I sub’d my fries for salad, I was really impressed with the salad that came. It was full of fresh herbs and a really well balanced vinaigrette, and they used Boston Lettuce – who does that? It was a really nice change for a salad.

The steak was well-cooked, although I should have done my research because maybe the shoulder isn’t the best piece of meat to get rare. We also had the galette, soup, duck confit, and both desserts, and everything was really really good.

I think they should put some sort of draft stopper around the door, maybe a heavy curtained entrance like they used to have at Infusion Bistro in the Glebe or like at the black tomato. It would really help a lot with the drafts because there’s only one door, and while it was nice and toasty for the most part, as soon as the door opens it gets COLD. Hopefully that is “coming soon”

Friendly service and a great selection of mostly Ontario wines and lots of craft beers.

Welcome to the Burg!

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My favorites in Hintonburg

As you well know, the burg is blowing up, and I’m super excited to say you can now really get whatever you need right in the hood.

Here are some of my fav’s

Pint: Elmdale (I’d grab a kichesippi) (1084 Wellington) – Great music, friendly staff

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Pizza: Back Lane Cafe (thought I would say Tennessee’s didn’t you) (1087 Wellington)

Back Lane Cafe on Urbanspoon

Coffee: Le Michel-Ange Café (35 Laurel) – They roast their own beans, pick some up!

Le Michel-Ange, Café-Warehouse-Roasting on Urbanspoon

Cupcake: Isobel’s (1018 Wellinton) – We visit weekly for a sweet treat, but make sure you don’t always go on the same day, they have new flavours on Thurs – Sundays)

Isobel & Co. on Urbanspoon

Take out: Hintonburger (soon moving next to Elmdale)

Hintonburger on Urbanspoon

Hangout: Rosemount Library (18 Rosemount)

and what I’m looking forward to:

Hintonburg Public House – Opening Tomorrow! (1020 Wellington) (interesting that they have an 80% like it and they haven’t even opened yet haha)

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10Fourteen (1014 Wellington) Opening “in November” according to the sign – when do restaurants ever open on time? Never.

Hintonburger – at KFC!