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Tennessee Willems not Williams, Hintonburg

Finally got the phone number posted! Sorry for the delay!

As is the case with most new restaurants, Tennessee Williams didn’t open on time. Perhaps this helped build the suspense. I know I was waiting impatiently for it to open. When it did, however, I was too busy with Christmas/travel/family to go.

So last night, the first “date” night since before Christmas we decided to go.
“Should we make a reso”
“I doubt it, the place is brand new and hasn’t even made it into the citizen”

Fortunately, Adam decided to walk the two blocks and stick his head it to make sure we could go. Turns out they WERE Full on a Wednesday night! we had to push our supper to 8 because the only other option was 530. Lesson learned.

The menu is simple. three salads, less than ten apps, and about the same number of pizzas. They also have traditional entrees. We tried all the salads, the smoked mackeral, three of the pizzas and the lasagna. The lasagna had a rustic tomato sauce with a bit of kick. It’s also vegetarian but rich with goat cheese and bechamel.

The arugula salad was epic. I don’t normally like arugula but it was young arugula so not bitter, the house dressing was tasty, and it was served with warm button mushrooms. A great contrast of flavours, textures and temperatures.

The pizzas are creative and interesting. We tried wild boar, the Helen (named after the ‘helen’ of the Melrose groceteria, as well as the Bianco.

I was very impressed will all of the food and the prices (All of our entrees were under 20$). Service was friendly and casual.

The usual quirks with a place that has just opened, such as running out of matching glasses, which was no big deal at all. The wine list is shortish but has a good variety of old vs new world styles. Only two beers on tap and NO booze, like at all. not even vodka or Gin. I find this mind-boggling, but being a server I know that in actual fact most people out at restaurants drink wine or beer. I don’t sell a lot of spirits at all, but I just always expect them to be there when I’m out! So this is your warning: no cocktail aperitifs or after dinner digestifs.

I am super happy to have this great new place in our hood and hope the place continues to do well.

Tennessee Williams
1082 Wellington St (beside the Elmdale)
Hintonburg, Ottawa
613 722 0000

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